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Interior Design
Listed are the items that are still needed. If you would like to donate an item, please click on DONATE and let us know in the comment field the specific item that you would like to put your donation toward.
Lock and Handle Sets
Special thanks to Schlage for donating and master keying all the new door handles, lock sets, and hinges for the whole facility.
We are so grateful to Owens Corning, Santa Barbara Community Church and all the organizations and individuals that covered the other materials and labor to repair roofs.
Thanks to Coast Supply for installing over 10,000 feet of beautiful new flooring.
Thanks to Vista Paint for donating hundreds of gallons of paint along with Max at Handy Man Masters and the many volunteers who have transformed the buildings for all those we are working to help.
Tree Trimming & Weed Wacking
With 214 acres on top of a mountain covered with oak trees, the weed whacking and the tree trimming and removal never seem to end. We would like to thank everyone who has been and continues to be a part of making the facility look amazing.
Beautifying grounds
We continue to add wood chips around buildings, install irrigation, and plant fruit trees. If you have a green thumb, please join us as we hope to start the organic garden this year.
Move Commercial Kitchen to Cafeteria
Moving the commercial kitchen to the cafeteria is on the way with architectural plans being developed. The existing commercial kitchen is currently 1/2 mile away from the cafeteria and transporting food and dishes for each meal then bringing back all the dirty dishes is hard on the team. Thanks to In-N-Out Burger for the process in beginning.

Stone House Campaign


The Stone House was built in 1911 with beautiful rocks hewn from the mountain property. The house was formally visited by dignitaries and celebrities for retreats and respite before hosting many other groups and organizations as a retreat house. Set in the backdrop of the Santa Barbara mountains with magnificent ocean views, we are setting out to restore the Stone House to its former glory!

We believe that the greatest days of the Stone House are yet to come as we set about restoring it to its full potential in order to honor and serve survivors of sex trafficking. When survivors come on retreats, we want them to feel comfortable and celebrated as they move forward on their restoration journey. How better to do this than to create a unique surrounding of warmth, elegance, and inspiration.

We are looking for supporters and volunteers to help us reach our goal. Here are a few of the positions we are looking for:

  • Design: interior designers
  • Media: videographers and/or editors, graphic artists, social media managers
  • Contractors: plumbers, electricians, construction workers

Whether full-time, part-time, or just an hour here or there, we consider our volunteers an integral part of our community.

This project is now COMPLETE!  We want to thank Coast Christian Church and all the volunteers and donors that helped to make this possible.
Renovate Small Master Bathroom in Stone House – COMPLETED
Plumbing for Stone House – COMPLETED
Thank you so much for all those who helped repair the old clay septic line for Stone House.
Renovate Large Master Bedroom in Stone House
The large master bedroom needs an armoire to hang clothes.  It would also be amazing if it had pictures and a new bed to go with the natural stone architecture.

We would like to thank Belkis for the beautiful handmade curtains.

Renovate Small Master Bedroom in Stone House – COMPLETED
The small master bedroom received a complete makeover with a new bed, bedside tables, and a dresser. Pictures and lamps are from
Renovate Small Bedroom in Stone House
The small bedroom needs an armoire to hang clothes. It would also be amazing if it had pictures and a new bed to go with the natural stone architecture.
Renovate Back Deck
The back deck of the stone house needs to be replaced. It is going to require removal of the existing cement slab and replacement. The current bid is $3,900.00.
Repair Fireplace
The main fireplace in the stone house has a problem with smoke entering the attic.

Yes, I can help with some of these projects.

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